Fajitas & Grill


All of our sizzling fajitas are served with mixed of grilled
bell peppers, onions, tomato and zucchini, served with
Mexican rice, refried beans and garnish of lettuce, pico de
gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and tortillas.

Grilled Chicken $17.99​

Grilled Steak $19.99

Picanha & Blackened Shrimp $38.99

Grilled Gulf Shrimp $21.99

Picanha Steak $32.00

Fajitas Mixta $22.99

(Steak, Shrimp & Chicken)

From The Grill

Picahna $32.00

16 oz of brazilian hand-cut top sirlon -served on a sizzling iron plate
with roasted tomatoes, grilled onions and country seasoned potato fries

Molcajete Mi Gente


Anaheim sauce with roasted bell peppers and onions, blackened shrimp,Steak, grilled chicken, grilled pineapple,cactus & Chile toreado. Served with refried beans, rice & salad.