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Our Breakfast Menu.

Best Burrito & Omelettes

Breakfast Burrito

A Large Flour Tortilla Filled With Scrambled Eggs 

Chorizo Con Papas


Eggs, Mexican sausage , potatoes, beans & cheese.

Jalapeño Sausage


Eggs, Jalapeños, Mexican Sausage, Potatoes, green bell peppers , onions and cheese.

Asada Grande


Grilled Steak , eggs , potatoes, green bell peppers, jalapeños, onions and cheese.

Huevos Con Jamón


Eggs, ham, Mexican potatoes and cheese

Huevo Con Tosino


Eggs, Bacon, Mexican potatoes and cheese.

Pinos Chimichanga


Eggs, spicy sausage, mexican potatoes, and cheese stuffed in a flour tortilla and dee-fried to golden brown.

Breakfast Tacos

Huevo Con Papas


Eggs, potatoes, beans & cheese.

Chorizo Con Huevos


Eggs, Mexican Sausage, Beans and cheese.

Huevos Con Jamón


 Eggs , Mexican Ham , Beans and cheese.



 Meat stew with red sauce.

Birria Quesa Tacos Dorados​


3 Semi – Crispy tacos Jalisco style, made with braised beef  roasted in a fragrant 3 Chile sauce with a delicious spice mix and melted cheese served with birria. Consume broth on the side for dipping.

Huevo Con Tosino​


Eggs, Bacon, beans and cheese

Huevo Con Salchicha


Eggs, Mexican Jalapeño sausage, Mexican potatoes, beans and cheese.

Chicharron En Salsa Verde.


Pork Cracklinks in green sauce.

Huevos A La Mexicana


Mexican style Eggs with onions, Tomatoes, cilantro Jalapeños, beans and cheese.



Shredded beef stew .

Breakfast Tortas

Served with seasoned potato wedges
and scrambled eggs

Huevos con Chorizo


Chorizo, eggs, refried beans, avocado,
and cheese

Huevos con Jamon


Ham, eggs, refried beans, avocado,
and cheese

Huevos con Salchicha Jalapeño


Eggs, refried beans, jalapeño sasuage,
avocado, and cheese

Huevos con Tocino


Eggs, bacon, refried beans, avocado,
and cheese


Cheese or Mix


Corn masa flour-filled with cheese,
chicharron and beans


Smoked Salmon Bagel


Bagel with smoked salmon, capers, red
onions, arugula, lettuce, and cream
cheese. Served with a side of fresh fruit

Seasonal Fresh Fruit


Waffle with Fruit


Served with seasonal fresh fruit


Served with chocolate and caramel sauce

Mexican Omelette Grande


A large omelette filled with scrambled
eggs, breakfast Mexican potatoes, pico,
jalapeños, cheese, and your choice of
carne asada/steak, chorizo, bacon, or
jalapeño sausage

Asada Omelette Grande


Eggs, grilled steak, breakfast potatoes,
cheese, pico, and jalapeños



Eggs, sautéed spinach, bell peppers,
onions, pico de gallo, cheese, and
fresh jalapeños

Bacon and Potatoes


Eggs, bacon, Mexican oven-roasted
potatoes, fresh jalapeños, and cheese

Platillos / Breakfast Plates

#1 Huevos Rancheros


Two eggs ranch style, served on a fried
tortilla with refried beans, ranchero sauce,
queso fresco, avocado, and sour cream

#2 Mi Gente


Two eggs served on a fried tortilla with
refried beans, chicharron with salsa verde,
queso fresco, sour cream, and cheese

#3 Huevos con Chorizo


Scrambled eggs with chorizo, served
with refried beans and chilaquiles

#4 El Señor Sol


Scrambled eggs served with bacon,
spicy sausage, refried beans, chilaquiles,
and fresh seasonal fruit

#5 Chilaquiles


Traditional Mexican breakfast dish
consisting of corn tortillas cut in quarters
and lightly fried, topped with spicy green
or red sauce, sour cream, onions, and
cotija cheese

#6 Huevos Y Salchica Jalapeño


Two eggs scrambled with jalape
homemade sausage served with refried
beans and chilaquiles
or red sauce, sour cream, onions, and
cotija cheese

#7 Centro America


Two scrambled eggs, refried beans, fried
plantains, centro America sour cream,
cheese, and avocado

#8 Mi tierra


Two eggs served your way with fajita
steak, breakfast potatoes, refried beans,
and fresh fruit

#9 Huevos Divorciados


Two fried eggs with salsa verde and red
sauce served with refried beans and

#10 Classic


Two eggs served your way, Mexican
roasted potatoes, bacon strips, jalapeño
sausage, and fresh fruit

#11 Menudo

Medium $11.99 Large $14.99


Sweet Fried Plantain 3.99
Fresh Seasonal Fruit 2.99
French Fries 2.99
Bacon Slice 2.99

Grilled Ham slice 2.99
Queso Fresco 99¢
Mexican Potatoes 2.99
Extra Egg 1.99

Corn or Flour Tortilla 99¢
Extra Breakfast Chorizo 2.99
Extra Spicy Sausage 2.99


Bottle Water

Mexican Sodas (Jarritos)

Aguas Frescas


Fried Cheesecake chimichanga

Add ice cream $1.00


Churros with cinnamon & sugar


Fried Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice Cream